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Juliet Jones · Minneapolis Escort

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Greetings! After a brief retirement away, I’ve realized that this is truly a calling! Like you, sometimes you just need an escape from all the obligations and expectations.

I’m an avid gardener and globe-trotter, passionate partner, and enthusiastic xxxxxx of people. I’m a natural pleaser, and making others happy and feel welcome comes naturally to me.

I enjoy little more than a friend bringing a bottle of wine to share, or even a houseplant for me to enjoy after our time together ends. I don’t take myself too seriously, and enjoy a good laugh with warm company.

I try and keep things simple, and at the core just enjoy being a couple of people living the best part of our day together.

I love to laugh, be goofy, (or be serious if that’s your thing - I do have the weakest poker face around) and take each experience as part of living an interesting and fulfilling life.

I’m curvy, with the body of a women enjoying some of her best years yet, welcoming both touch and adventure.

I love meeting people who know who they are, and what they like - or are open to exploring new things! I’m most complemented on my warm smile, kind heart, and enthusiastic enjoyment of our time together.

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