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Lula Violet · Minneapolis Escort

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I love to play sweet and hard.

My name is Lula Violet. I am 5'3 with a petite build, long wild hair, smooth olive skin and eyes and lips that will unabashadly show my voracious appetite to make your fantasy come true.

I greatly enjoy nature and the outdoors, artistic expression, yoga, reading, rigorous exercise and traveling off the beaten path. I also enjoy sleepy mornings, philosophy, thunderstorms, old libraries, and good coffee.

I love making you feel comfortable, sensual and understood during our time together.

Would you like to meet me? I would love to meet you! My schedule varies greatly, so email me with ideas and we will make a plan!

My personal schedule involves the intensity of grad school, and I keep my client bookings low volume. Please book ahead as far in advance as possible. I am open to requests for times not listed and do my best to work around your schedule as well.

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