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Fun, Young, Thin, Blonde, College Student

At First Sight - You will see a young, petite girl with light blonde hair and vibrant green eyes. My skin is porcelain white and smooth. My lips are full and succulent. I will be dressed in something feminine and stylish. I will greet you with a smile and kiss on the cheek... The rest of our story has yet to be written...
You will find me dynamic, confident with a sense of humor, engaging, sexy-yet-cute, warm, charming, intelligent, and down-to-earth. During our date, I will let our connection develop naturally. I hold eye contact, giving you all my attention and affection. I am curious about you. I like to listen and ask questions.
While I love having fun and enjoying life. I am a current college student pursuing my bachelor's degree in multimedia communications. Two years ago I moved from a small town somewhere in the midwest, to San Francisco with just a suitcase and my pet parrot. My education has, and will remain my number one priority. I love going out and learning new things. My interests include philosophy, fine art, wine, literature, phycology, Brazilian Jiujitsu, and fashion. Above all, I value originality and genuine conversation. You'll find me to be a non-judgmental party. Maybe this means spilling your wildest fantasies, deepest secrets, or simply being able to let loose, be silly and enjoy yourself- with me, this is easy to do.

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(651)424-2009, (763)913-8680

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