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Devine Scorpio · (612)501-3538 · Minneapolis Escort

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My name is Devine and I am here to offer you something that is truly unique. I once did Escort so I know what it is you're looking for but let us first make a connection. I was never very good at being an in-and-out kind of girl choosing instead to talk with my client and getting to know them a little. No evasive questions, I just care to know how your day was, how I can make it better, and where on your body do you need the most attention. I want to hear everything you care to tell me. I am a distinctive, intuitive, and compassionate woman who works wonders with her hands and body. We will make a "connection" as I work my magic that leaves them all wondering where I have been all their lives. It never gets boring or repetitive with me because I have far too much imagination and I truly enjoy what I do and that makes a big difference.
I will begin by rubbing you from head to toe with my favorite exotic oils. With you face down on my Professional Massage Table, the aroma therapy candles burning, and the relaxing sounds of the ocean that fill the room, you will feel yourself melting away long before I even get started. With the Hour Session you will receive the Hot Towel Spa Treatment from head to toe as well as the Soy Wax treatment (if you've never heard of Soy Wax then you truly have no idea what you are missing. It puts the true "erotic" in Erotic Massage). But no matter how long you stay you will receive the ultimate Deep Tissue Massage. You will feel these strong hands rubbing and releasing tension from places you never even knew existed. I am in school for massasge therapy so trust that this is no exaggeration - I know what I am doing (and I love every minute of it). But if you think you feel excited now then just wait until time comes to turn you over...the fun has only just begun sweetie!
WARNING: BE PREPARED FOR A GENUINE MASSAGE! I work at my own pace and on my own time so there's never a rush (unless you're in one). I provide a cozy, safe atmosphere and genuine mind blowing services!

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